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Red-Inc: Carbon Free Deliveries


Red-Inc is a sustainable office supply delivery company pioneering new ways for the workplace to have a more positive impact. They are aware of the unavoidable carbon emissions of their sector and therefore have worked to achieve carbon neutral deliveries.

Red-Inc are proud to say all their energy comes from 100% renewable sources, however, 56% of their company’s emissions comes from deliveries. To tackle this area, the company has launched several innovative initiatives such as project ‘Peddle power’, whereby local congested business areas receive stationary and print via pedal Bike, and operational efficiency measures through streamlining routes and 100% fulfilment of orders omitting the need for multiple trips.

Without being able to change their delivery fleet (due to lack of current electric van technology), they have done all they can to reduce their emissions. This left them with offsetting their remaining unavoidable emissions to take full responsibility for their impacts.

By teaming up with Ecosphere+ they can continue to deliver their products with the knowledge that each mile is helping protect threatened rainforest of the Cordillera Azul project in Peru.

‘Our deliveries are now carbon neutral because we believe in taking responsibility for our impacts and we understand that even in areas where we can’t reasonably reduce, the actual activity it is still ours to own. By working with Ecosphere+, we are able to not only improve our business through reducing our harmful impacts but we are making a positive social and environmental impact on the world and helping to provide a solution to some of the world’s major challenges – climate change and the loss of our global forests’.