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New Resource Bank: Holiday Gift for the Climate


New Resource Bank is a local, San Francisco-based bank whose mission is to achieve well-being for people and planet through its banking services.

It serves businesses and organisations that are building a better world and advances sustainability through the loans it makes, the way it operates and its commitment to using deposits for good.

Now how many banks can say they do that?

Each holiday season, New Resource Bank gives a gift box to select clients as a welcome gift, a special thank you for referring the bank or just a ‘happy holidays’ gift. Every year, they feature products from clients of the bank in the gift boxes, such as Ritual Coffee (a local, ethical coffee company), AlterEco chocolate bars (sustainably sourced chocolate), and Numi Tea (organic, natural tea). In 2015, the bank added a certificate representing one tonne of CO2 removed from the atmosphere by our Tambopata project in Peru to each of the gift baskets.

New Resource Bank thought this unique gift demonstrated their commitment to climate change action while protecting the world’s threatened forests, an environmental issue the bank and its clients care about.

‘We love sharing products from our clients and particularly liked the carbon credit certificate as a way to demonstrate our values and make a positive impact on the world through our gift. Protecting forests is a very tangible way to take responsibility for our climate impacts that also has environmental benefits. Additionally, our clients appreciated the out of the ordinary gift that supports what we stand for as well!’

New Resource Bank