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Hydra Energy: Carbon Neutral Cleantech Company


Hydra Energy is a Vancouver-based, cleantech company that converts commercial heavy-duty vehicles into dual-fuel systems that can run on both hydrogen fuel and diesel or gasoline. They firmly believe in facilitating the transition to a low-carbon energy future through zero emissions transportation and that this choice can be affordable and accessible for all.

The dual-fuel systems give their customers the choice to slash the use of conventional fuels in their vehicles. With no up-front cost for converting vehicles, Hydra Energy is able to supply fuel at a 5-10% discount and eliminate fuel cost volatility while giving their clients the option of dropping carbon emissions to nearly zero.

To complement their mission of delivering a zero-emission hydrogen vehicle network, Hydra Energy has taken their commitment to powering a cleaner future one step further – to become carbon neutral through purchasing our forest carbon credits to cover their energy usage.

‘Partnering with Ecosphere+ supports our commitment with zero emissions transportation and our mission of making hydrogen abundant and affordable. Cutting carbon emissions is not only an environmental responsibility, but a commitment to our society. Their forestry projects are a great example that both goals can be achieved together.’

Hydra Energy