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A2G & Stimulus: Carbon Neutral Events


A2G is a company in Peru that does in depth carbon footprint measurements for their clients. They have developed a straightforward process to measure an event’s carbon footprint and a patented Carbon Neutral seal for their local market which companies can display.

Stimulus is a Peruvian event management company that has been behind many important events and conferences for nearly 25 years. Some of the most prominent conferences they have worked on are: The UNFCCC COP20 in 2014 in Lima, 2015 Annual Meeting of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund, the 11th Gold/Silver International Symposium, and the APEC CEO Summit 2016.

Based in Peru, Stimulus is proud of their cultural history and natural environment. The country is home to stunning natural beauty, with the Amazon rainforest covering more than 60% of its land. However, this original and biodiversity rich forest is threatened by small-scale subsistence farming, illegal mining and logging. Stimulus wanted to play their part in helping fight deforestation in their home and protect their natural heritage by becoming carbon neutral.

To do this, Stimulus has been running carbon neutral events through purchasing forest carbon assets from our projects in Peru. The A2G Carbon Neutral seal helps to differentiate the company in the market from other event management companies, in addition to supporting causes that really matter to them and their staff.

‘Events are perfect for becoming carbon neutral. We have found that it is very cost-effective – events generally have a small carbon footprint, which means it is a relatively small investment to become carbon neutral but with a high payoff in terms of customer appreciation. And carbon neutral events are still considered quite innovative! For us, it is a great opportunity to educate people on climate change and deforestation in Peru, because we can inform the attendants about the wonderful projects we support and how they too can make a difference.’