For Small Business

Want to help solve climate change, protect forests and endangered species, uplift impoverished communities, and shape the future of our planet – all while helping your own business, your brand, and your people?

We’re so glad you’re here. And it’s easy to integrate forest carbon assets into your business. You can add a price on carbon into your products, become completely carbon neutral, or tailor your approach to your needs and business.

You have the power to be part of the solution to climate change and to save threatened forests.

For your bottom line

The impacts of climate change will likely affect your business or your supply chain. But you don’t need to wait for regulation to act. Being part of the solution now is critical to ensuring stability and prosperity for the future of your business and minimising the negative effects. For example:

  • If you are a small-scale clothing producer, you could have a harder time sourcing materials if rainfall or temperature extremes affect cotton crops.
  • If you are a café or restaurant, climate change in tropical regions could affect the producers of your wonderful, aromatic coffees, vanillas, spices, and fruits.
  • If you are a business importing or exporting anything, the stability and costs of shipping and transport worldwide could be affected by temperature and climatic changes.
  • The cost of doing business will likely increase with costs like insurance already rising to deal with the increased risk of more extreme weather events.

For customers

You don’t have to be an ecologically focused brand to take action, be transparent and socially responsible, and protect our great threatened forests. Plus, responding to the global threat of climate change is expected for any business today; consumers are more and more aware of and invested in how businesses are helping themselves and the planet.

Believe it or not, 9/10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause1.

And that’s why demand for more sustainable products, like carbon neutral goods, is growing. It’s not just a business opportunity – it can excite new customers, build loyalty, create positive publicity, and be a unique selling point. It’s a no-brainer – just like saving forests.

For employees

Employees also care deeply about the values of the company for which they work. Did you know that 66% of young millennials would take a pay cut to work for a responsible company2? Taking an easy step to manage the impact of your business and your supply chain and to have a genuine, positive effect is a bold and gallant way of differentiating yourself and attracting, engaging and keeping talented employees.

For taking responsibility

If you’re one of those businesses that is deeply concerned about your impacts and believe climate change is an issue for all of us to act on, you’re in the right place. Paying for your unavoidable carbon emissions is the best thing you can do, and even better, you can save threatened forests by doing so having a measurable positive impact.

How to get started? Understanding and managing your carbon footprint is core to a sustainable business model. We want you to be as sustainable as possible, and we love when businesses take steps to reduce their impact directly, like by improving energy efficiency, sourcing more sustainable products and reducing consumption.

Investing in offsite emissions reductions like forest carbon credits doesn’t mean you’re buying your way out of reducing emissions in your business or supply chain. It is a valuable piece of the puzzle of reducing your climate impact in the most cost-effective way – while also supporting wider sustainable development.

Because that’s the beauty of forest carbon credits. They are a high-value way of owning your unavoidable carbon impact, and can complement and enhance other sustainability or CSR goals that your business may have.

Our forests are powerful natural forces that not only reduce carbon emissions, but also uplift impoverished communities, protect endangered species, empower women, clean our water, produce fresh air, and more. Find out more about the wider benefits of forests.

How big is the carbon footprint of a small business?

Many people are surprised by how manageable their carbon emissions are, and how easy it is to take responsibility for them. Taking ownership of your carbon impact isn’t going to break your bank!

Carbon credit stories from real small businesses

Small businesses are choosing to invest in forest carbon assets for many reasons. Maybe they want to make certain products carbon neutral, offset the carbon emissions of specific events, take responsibility for the carbon impact of their offices and activities like air travel, or make unique gifts to staff or customers. Read some creative and inspiring stories here:

Example carbon footprints of small businesses

Company A

Company A is a London-based design consultancy firm with eight employees, working with clients around Europe on new hotels and restaurants. The team is office-based but take several trips (around 10 in total) a year to various European cities for trade fairs or to visit their clients’ new projects. They do what they can to reduce energy usage in the office, shutting down computers and printers at night, turning off the lights, printing double-sided and more, but they still have some unavoidable emissions including their business trips.

Company A has decided to become carbon neutral by offsetting their unavoidable office energy use and business travel. This comes to a total of 11 tonnes of CO2e. At a price of £6/tonne*, Company A has taken ownership of their carbon for only £66/year.

Company B

Company B is a local coffee shop with a couple of locations across Ann Arbor, Michigan. They want to serve their customers carbon neutral cups of coffee and have decided to add the cost of carbon to each cup.

One cup of coffee creates the equivalent of around 0.005 tonnes of carbon. So at a price of $7.50/tonne*, Company B needed to add only an extra 4 cents per cup to make each of their coffees carbon neutral!

*These are illustrative prices

How Ecosphere+ can help

At Ecosphere+, we can help your business achieve carbon neutral status, launch a new ‘zero-carbon’ or ‘deforestation-free’ product, reach your broader environmental and social goals, or engage your customers and staff.

Remember, you don’t need to wait for regulation to act. You can ensure the stability and prosperity of your business, and take ownership of your impact, today. And it’s through businesses and commitments like yours that we can build a better society for all.

Also! Our forest carbon projects produce sustainable commodities – such as fair trade, organic coffee or cacao – through the protection of forests.

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