Why take action

For Individuals

Thank you for visiting Ecosphere+, we are excited that you want to know more about how to help solve climate change, protect forests and endangered species, and uplift impoverished communities!

Our projects help protect threatened forests, build sustainable landscapes and give people who live below the poverty line the chance to lead a better life. We do this by:

  • Providing an alternative to local populations by making trees more valuable alive than they are chopped down
  • Investing in farms to produce fair trade, organic products
  • Give people the chance to invest in the carbon stored in our primary forests and so help reduce the effects of climate change

Forests, quite simply, are our greatest natural asset. They are a practical, natural and renewable solution to climate change and have benefits far beyond their ability to absorb carbon. They can uplift impoverished communities, provide a home for millions of species, generate water for agriculture and, of course, give us the fresh air we need to breathe.

So how can you help?

You can start simply walking or cycling instead of using the car, recycling as much as you can, buying local (to reduce air miles), turning down your central heating whenever you can and even planting more greenery in your garden.

Did you know that meat consumption is one third of the average person’s emissions? So reducing, not necessarily eliminating, meat can hugely reduce your carbon footprint.

Lastly, you can take responsibility for your remaining carbon impact. By just doing that, you will be protecting a patch of threatened forest, and help the people, the wildlife and the ecosystem services that all depend on it.