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This is Ecosphere+

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Our Position

Ecosphere+ works with high-quality forest carbon projects and sustainably produced commodities to help protect our planet’s natural assets.

Our Mission

We help our clients integrate natural solutions to climate-related risks. We create real opportunities through transformational forest conservation and sustainable land use projects.

Our Vision

We aim to enable genuine, positive, lasting change to transform how businesses, governments and individuals value our natural assets.

And do all this together.

Our Strategy

Putting a price on carbon is the most effective way a government or business can address the current climate crisis. And reducing greenhouse gas emissions from land-use is the most cost-effective climate solution out there.

At Ecosphere+, we work to find natural solutions to managing long-term climate risk. These range from improving supply-chain resilience, bringing new ‘zero-carbon’ or ‘deforestation free’ products to market and including carbon pricing.

And because we deeply value our working relationships, Ecosphere+ empowers businesses and individuals to take the steps that will work best for them.

Our Values

Holistic approach

Ecosphere+ is more than a business and we offer more than a service. We believe in stretching frontiers to do more than we think we can (and then doing it).

Impact driven

We are a team of environmental and financial experts, but we always remember our work is helping to improve the lives of real people, families, businesses and our environment.

Constant momentum

We like to get things done. We’re logical, realistic and grounded. We don’t sit still and we really love a challenge. We’re interested in our partners’ values, and we’re passionate in finding out how we can help everyone.

Our Team

We are all energetic, dedicated experts with diverse backgrounds from oil and gas, government, marketing, climate, finance, communications and academia.

We have extensive and practical experience working with corporations from multiple sectors, governments and consumers who are looking to make real change.

And we are here to help companies purchase forest carbon assets for voluntary or compliance insetting or offsetting purposes. We bring new products and services to market, engage employees, investors and stakeholders and help with carbon footprint management through sustainably sourced commodities.

At Ecosphere+ our global networks and our own individual passionate approach helps our partners build new opportunities for collaboration across all sectors and countries.

View our team here.

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ecosphereplus-square-1000Download the latest impact report from the Althelia Climate Fund to discover more about the results that have already been achieved and future targets.