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We are Ecosphere+

Ecosphere+ is a new venture founded by the Althelia Climate Fund to build markets that put a value on standing forests, incentivise sustainable business models and responsible supply chains.

Forests are our most valuable natural climate assets. They are amazing, interlinked ecosystems that not only slow climate change, but also provide a host of other major environmental and social benefits. Paying for the carbon storage system in them puts a value on the services they provide by remaining standing, and corrects the economic incentives that are causing them to be cut down at terrifying rates.

Our mission is to scale up financing to protect the best natural climate technology we have. Alongside a transition to a low-carbon energy system, we simply cannot achieve a safe climate without significant efforts to halt and reverse land-based emissions.

+ People

We educate, encourage and inspire people to change the way they live and work.

Our projects enable forest communities to implement creative partnerships to transform and preserve their critical landscapes and improve their daily lives.

We empower people all around the world to make a difference by supporting our projects.

+ Business

We partner with organisations and investors who want to deliver emissions reductions now through a price on carbon and make a positive impact.

We help businesses manage climate risk, engage stakeholders, and reduce the impact of their products and value-chains.

We connect clients to cost-effective projects, programmes and sustainable commodities that are critical to delivering the less than 2ºC carbon budget.

Science of change

There is a huge gap between the emissions path that we are on and the path we need to be on to keep climate change below dangerous levels. Governments are moving in the right direction, but societal change is slow, and we cannot afford to wait. We need real, measurable, and effective reductions, and we need them quickly. We need to urgently bend the path that we are on and turn the corner on climate.

At Ecosphere+, we know that sustainable land management is a game-changer for the climate. Land-use change, including deforestation and degradation of forests, causes approximately 10% of global emissions – and once we lose these critical stores of carbon, they will be gone forever, along with all the other services we rely on from these ecosystems. But ending deforestation and degradation could deliver a third of the emissions reductions to keep our climate within 2oC, and save society $6.3-10.6 trillion annually in lost ecosystem services.

By partnering with us to put a price on carbon and deliver catalytic funding to ambitious, high-quality projects and programmes around the world, you can help make this happen.

‘It is clear that an energy transition is underway towards new lower-carbon forms of energy.  It is also clear that this alone won’t be enough to deliver a climate resilient economy; we need system-wide transformation, we need to re-wire the system through the way we do business.  Businesses that are serious about reducing climate risk and delivering meaningful solutions can work together now with us at Ecosphere+ to make this happen.’


CEO, Ecosphere+

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+ Impact Report

ecosphereplus-square-1000Download the latest impact report from the Althelia Climate Fund to discover more about the results that have already been achieved and future targets.