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This is Ecosphere+

Ecosphere+ is a new venture founded by the Althelia Climate Fund created to build markets that put a value on carbon and incentivise sustainable business models.

It is our mission to scale up financing to protect our most valuable climate assets; forest landscapes. Alongside a transition to a low-carbon energy system, we simply cannot achieve a safe climate without significant efforts to halt and reverse land-based emissions. Doing this will not only deliver much needed emissions reductions but also major environmental and societal benefits too.

The critical tool is a price on carbon coupled with responsible supply-chains.

+ People

We educate, encourage and inspire consumers to change the way they live and work.

Our projects enable communities to implement creative partnerships to transform and preserve their critical landscapes and improve their daily lives.

We empower people all around the world to make a difference by supporting our projects.

+ Business

We partner with organisations and investors who want to deliver  emissions reductions now through a price on carbon.

We enable businesses to manage climate risk, engage stakeholders and reduce the impact of their products and value-chains.

We connect clients to cost-effective projects and programmes as well as sustainable commodities that are critical to delivering the <2ºC carbon budget.

Clear. Effective. Urgent.

Science of change

Action to reverse the trend of rising carbon emissions is now urgent. The science is clear; projected emissions pathways must come down if we are to deliver a safe climate. The priority must be taking action that will deliver real, measurable and effective near-term reductions. It has been scientifically proven the critical role land-use and tropical forests play in our climate. They can deliver about a third of the required emissions reductions necessary to deliver the safe limit of <2°C.

At Ecosphere+ we know that sustainable land management is a game-changer for the climate. Deforestation and land degradation costs society $6.3-10.6 trillion annually in lost ecosystem services. By putting a price on carbon and using both voluntary and regulatory carbon markets to deliver catalytic funding to ambitious, high-quality projects and programmes around the world we can turn this around. We are already seeing impressive results from our portfolio but activities must be scaled up, which is why we are seeking partnerships with consumers and businesses around the world.


+ Team

The Ecosphere+ senior team is a talented, dedicated group of experienced environmental, strategy, marketing and climate change experts.

  • Lisa Walker CEO

    Has worked in all aspects of climate change strategy development and implementation, public policy formation, coalition building and low-carbon business development. Read more…

  • Kate Dillon Levin VP North American Sales & Marketing

    Expert in sustainable land use, focusing on scaling and mainstreaming private sector support. Read more…

  • Jessica Verhagen VP Business Development & Strategy

    Responsible for helping to shape the emerging markets for eco commodities and strategic sales. Read more…

  • Gustavo Gamio Latin America Sales & Marketing

    Works in developing marketing and sales strategies in the Latin American region. Read more…

  • Naazia Ebrahim Strategic Analyst

    Focused in the space between strategic policy and implementation, and between policy, governance, and science. Read more…

  • Anna Lehmann Climate Finance Expert, Agronomist & Natural Resources Economist

    Agronomist with on-the-ground working experience in the design and implementation of sustainable land use projects. Read more…

  • Lucy Arndt Sales & Business Development Manager

    Responsible for sales and business development at Ecosphere+. Read more…

‘It is clear that an energy transition is underway towards new lower-carbon forms of energy.  It is also clear that this alone won’t be enough to deliver a climate resilient economy; we need system-wide transformation, we need to re-wire the system through the way we do business.  Businesses that are serious about reducing climate risk and delivering meaningful solutions can work together now with us at Ecosphere+ to make this happen.’


CEO, Ecosphere+

+ Projects

We choose the highest-quality projects to ensure that the carbon finance we provide is harnessed to conserve forests, create sustainable livelihoods for local communities, produce eco-commodities, and preserve ecosystem services. Our current projects are in Guatemala and Peru, and our portfolio will expand as we scale the market.



Landscape approach for sustainable livelihoods for local communities.


Cordillera Azul

Conservation and sustainable agriculture and land-use plans to protect livelihoods and ecosystem services.


Guatemalan Caribbean

Conservation and development interspersed with smallholder NTFP production.

+ Partners

Here are just some of the local and global organisations we currently partner with to deliver real change.


+ Contact

If you would like to find out more about Ecosphere+ and how we can work together, you can get in touch with us here.

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+ Impact Report

Download the first impact report now from the Althelia Climate Fund to discover more about the results that have already been achieved and future targets.

+ Press

We are delighted to announce that Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+, has been recognised as a 2017 Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum.

Ecosphere+ announces several key appointments to its senior team, bringing a broad set of skills and experience to launch its sales and marketing operations.

To meet the target of limiting the rise in global average temperatures to 1.5°C, increased investment and development of the forest carbon market is a win–win for companies, investors, society and the planet.

Following her role as Vice President for Environment & Climate Change at BG group (now a part of Royal Dutch Shell), we are proud to announce that Lisa Walker joins Ecosphere+ as CEO.